Panama reaffirms the leadership in matters of merchant marine by receiving the status of “Most Favored Nation” from the People’s Republic of China, so ships flying the Panamnian Flag will receive benefits in port tariffs and preferential treatment in the ports of the People’s Republic of China.
This is stated in the maritime cooperation agreement signed in the framework of the establishment of diplomatic relations with China on June of 2017. Both countries signed another 18 agreements in financial, commercial, logistics and cooperation matters.
Panama celebrates 100 years of registering ships, occupying the first place worldwide with more than 8,000 registered merchant ships, representing 222.1 million Tons of Gross Register (TOG).
Panama also inaugurated their consulate in Shanghai, where general consular services will be offered, including the issuance of stamped visas for the entry of Chinese citizens into Panama.
The consulate will house an office of Segumar to offer technical service to all ships with the Panamanian flag.
The consulate in Shanghai is the second diplomatic headquarters of Panama in the People’s Republic of China, following the historic opening of the Embassy of Panama in Beijing. Also, the country aims to open consulates in Guangzhou and other cities of the Asian country.
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