Our team offers advice in any kind of negotiation, from the initial phase until the closing of the transactions, at all times looking after your juridical security and commercial benefit.

Our lawyers have an extensive experience in the analysis, study, investigation and negotiation of different kinds of commercial transactions, as well as in the drawing and execution of contracts, such as:

  • Civil Contracts: Real Estate Purchase Contracts, Representation Contracts, Orders, Lease Contracts, and other related nature.
  • Corporate Contracts: Agreements of Alliances or Strategic Associations (Joint Ventures), Mergers and Acquisitions of companies, Letters of Intention and of Understanding, Stock Purchase Agreements, Stock and Dividend Participation Contracts, Contracts related with the Colon Free Zone or other special trade zones.
  • Labor Contracts: Definite and Indefinite Term contracts, specific task contracts, or for professional services.
  • Mercantile Contracts: Loan, Distribution, Service Rendering, Merchandise Purchase, and other contracts.
  • Maritime Contracts: Ship Purchasing Contracts, Charter Contracts (Travel, Time of Bareboat) Maritime Labor Contracts, among others.