Robles & Robles offers strict confidentiality, and assistance on the incorporation and maintenance of a client’s Private Interest Foundation. Our mission is to assist in the structuring of a plan for the adequate administration of our client’s personal estate, which shall be elaborated in full coordination with the client, in order to satisfy his planned purposes and needs during the life and/or after the death of the client.

The Private Interest Foundation is an administrative tool to manage and protect a client’s personal estate, which satisfies the same purposes as a Trust, but with a more flexible, effective and less economic operation cost than a Trust.

Some of the most important features of foundations are:

Separation of the Foundation´s estate from that kept under the Founder´s name.

Direct administration of the foundation without the need of trustee entities.

Upon the Founder’s death, the beneficiaries (equivalent to a heir) will obtain direct Access to the Foundation´s assets if the Founder has established so, without the need of a prior lenghty probate proceeding.

Option to continue administering the client’s estate after his death on behalf of beneficiaries.

Protection of Foundation´s assets from liabilities acquired by the Founder.