The Republic of Panama is known worldwide for its strategic geographic position, so in addition to the benefits of having the Panama Canal, major cargo ports in both oceans, and the largest merchant fleet of the world, there is the existence of Maritime Courts which allows obtaining jurisdiction over the cause by means of arrest of vessels, or cargo or charter fees of vessels transiting through the Canal or berthing at one of the Panamanian ports, to solve at the Panamanian Maritime jurisdiction controversies occurred inside or outside Panama (or simply to secure and maintain a seizure motion on a defendant’s asset while the lawsuit is dealt within another jurisdiction).

Robles & Robles has extensive experience in the handling of maritime litigations, our practice in this field was initiated in 1982, simultaneously with the creation of the Maritime Court of Panama, and since that time we have represented many important Insurance Companies of the Republic of Panama, as well as international companies and governments in the defense of their interests.

Our group of specialist lawyers has been involved in many claim negotiations and maritime litigations in areas such as losses or damages to cargo, general average, boarding, maritime labor conflicts, default or non-compliance of maritime transportation contracts, among others.