Our firm offers rapid orientation and execution, with utmost confidentiality, in the incorporation and annual maintenance of your corporations. The incorporation process of a corporation takes approximately 4 working days. However, you may obtain corporations already incorporated (shelf), with local directors, within of 24 hours.

Our lawyers will offer you legal and tax assistance in the corporate structuring of your corporation(s), issuance of general or special powers of attorney, as well as the performance of the formalities to call and carry out a shareholders´ and/or directors´ meetings, mergers, amendment of the corporate authorized capital stock, and any other act of the corporation.

Panamanian corporations may be incorporated to satisfy any legal or commercial purpose, without restrictions in the manner of issuance of the shares (Nominative or Bearer form), or of the nationality of the shareholders or directors, as well as extensive fiscal benefits for their commercial triangulation.

Panamanian corporations may open bank accounts in any part of the world, without having to be declared in Panama. They may own real estate, securities, and any other type of assets.