I. Colon Free Zone

The Colon Free Zone is a free trade area created in 1948, and currently constitutes the most important multimodal logistical center of import and re-export of merchandise in the occidental hemisphere, with an annual commercial movement of approximately 15 billion American dollars. The Colon Free Zone is located in the Atlantic side entrance to the Panama Canal, is a logistic platform surrounded by five modern port terminals, it communicates easily by water with other ports in the Pacific sector through the Panama Canal, and by land through a special double deck container railroad. In the Colon Free Zone all import and re-export operations, with exception to those introduced for sale inside the Panamanian fiscal territory, are totally exempt of import and export taxes (tariffs), customs fees, sale tax (or added value tax), income tax and taxes on dividends. Robles & Robles is one of the few firms that has specialist lawyers in the establishment of companies within the Colon Free Zone, having great knowledge of their particular operations, and will guide you in the establishment of all the logistic and fiscal structures, placing at your service their extensive range of contacts.

II. Processing Zones for Exports

The Processing Zones for Exports are subject to a special legal status. The companies that can make use of these special zones are those engaged in the production of goods and services for exportation, as well as export of manufactured, assembled, and/or processed fished or semi-elaborated goods, export of computer services and services of other kinds.The companies that are established in these zones, shall enjoy many fiscal advantages, such as exemptions in import tariffs on goods introduced to the country required for their operations, exemptions of tax on patents or licenses, exemption on payment of sale tax (or added value tax) in local purchases, exemption of export tariffs. The companies under this status are submitted to a more flexible immigration system and special more favorable labor norms. Our team is in the capacity to offer all the assistance you require. We have daily contact with the Bureau of Processing Zones for Exports of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, with whom we negotiate and transact licenses for the companies interested in establishing their business in these zones, as well as the filing of financial reports, and other related procedures.

III. Howard’s Special Economic Zone

In the former United States Southern Command Air Force Base, the first Special Economic Zone of the Occidental Hemisphere has been established, by taking advantage of the existing infrastructure the Government has granted special treatment to a series of economic activities related with computer science, communications, air industry, technology, among others, establishing in this area.The companies starting business within Howard’s Special Zone shall enjoy several tax, labor and immigration benefits, as well as the logistic advantages of been located very near to the Pacific Ocean entrance to the Panama Canal, and having a specialized international commercial cargo airport.